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I'm going to take a bit of time to vent about a tweet that I just read. In reference to the latest scandal revolving Netflix, Dave Chapelle, and the LGBT community, someone tweeted:

I just cancelled my Netflix account, and you should too.

Now it's not the stance/position/ideology of this tweet that bothers me. I admittedly have not kept up with the recent Netflix drama, nor do I really intend to because I believe my time is better spent doing something more productive than indulging myself in the addictive nature of the social media outrage machine. Moreso, it's the moralizing, holier-than-thou posturing, and drive-by blanket implication of "us vs. them" by a person who:

Regardless of all these things, you probably shouldn't do what this person did. But the context in particular makes this all the more puzzling and disappointing, and sadly, it seems all-too-common with these Silicon Valley techy types. If this person had any consistent sense of justice (as they likely believe), they would quit their job in protest and stop espousing lazy armchair moral advice on social media. Because more likely than not, they don't know what they are actually talking about, and any sense of justice they display is merely an act of parroting the parroted "woke" noise that they've voluntarily surrounded themselves with.